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MIDE projects gathered again on a breakfast Apr 14

MIDE projects gathered for breakfast on April 14 to discuss the upcoming events at the Institute and share experiences from the projects. The MIDE organisation was proud to have the Aalto School of Electrical Engineering Dean Tuija Pulkkinen present.

The breakfast was opened by MIDE leader Yrjö Neuvo and project manager Sami Ylönen with general updates and upcoming events. This spring MIDE will arrange two seminars.

The post graduate course Bit Bang 3 will present the spring semester group reports on May 11 at Bit Bang Seminar on Services. The event will take place at TUAS-building. On June 15 the updates from the MIDE projects are presented at the review seminar. The venue of the event is the Keilaniemi Life Science Center.

Project manager Ylönen was happy to announce, that the number of MIDE project publications has increased compared to the year 2009. For example, 37 journal articles, 50 conference papers and 3 doctoral dissertations were written last year.

In addition the MIDE communications and publicity issues were discussed. The new project worker Elina Karvonen encouraged project staff to contact her in issues that might interest the non-scientific journal readers. Karvonen will meet all the projects during the spring and summer and will be glad to discuss the project communication. She will help with contacts to media and update the dissertation releases as well as other project releases to the MIDE web site.

The presentations of the day were held by VinCo and Exergy. Markku Lampinen gave the current updates from Exergy project. According to Lampinen experiments with zirkonium oxide capillary tubes are proceeding well. He has also launched cooperation with the Stockholm University’s Arrhenius Laboratory.

Matti Vartiainen and Teemu Surakka’s VinCo was prolonged with six months with the help of MIDE funding. Surakka and Vartiainen described the life span of the project so far. After developing, experimenting and evaluating a virtual environment for teaching, the research has concentrated in studying different 3D work spaces and their suitability for their specific use. Another MIDE project, 4D Space, has also planned to collaborate with VinCo to visualise the 4D Space test environment in Design Factory. VinCo will participate in a workshop All Things Virtual on June 10 at TUAS building where the 3D work spaces are also available for testing.

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