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Smart 4D Space

MIDE 4D-Space project is focused on the research and development of future retail services in dialog with the customers and retailers. The project aims at surfacing innovations rapidly by involving end user feedback in the development cycle. Rapid software prototype development combines novel interactive techniques and practices in parallel to academic research activities. The research target group covers a range of actors from private sector to individual customers, retailers and the largest domestic real estate developers.

The project develops embedded software and service prototypes by combining both physical location and context information in evolving the scale of next generation site-specific data generation. In designing future retail stores and service prototypes extensive understanding of emerging photogrammetric and other sensing techniques is studied and applied.

Aditionally the project studies consumer movement in retail spaces. People flow in the retail space can be utilised in establishing an optimal location for the stores, whilst conversely store location can define the exact movement of the people. Studying people flow dynamics is considered essential in designing novel retail applications.

MIDE 4D-Space research project unites five universities from the sectors of business, design and technology. The project combines expertise from seven different fields, organized under five departments. In addition the project collaborates with two high level research organizations.

Aalto University: Department of Media Technology, Department of Marketing, Department of Design, Department of Electronics, Department of Energy, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Photogrammetry.

Research collaboration: VTT, Professor Heikki Sepp, University of Oxford, Sad Business School.