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Bit Bang - Rays to the Future

Bit Bang goes to California!

The course includes a one week trip to California right into the heart of high tech research: to the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University and some high technology companies as well. The trip will be paid by the university.

Computers, information networks and the Internet have already changed the ways of lives of companies as well as individuals...

Bit Bang is a new post-graduate course promoting a wide knowledge and understanding of digitalisation of the future. The course gives a front-loaded view of utilising new technology. Participating students will gain an understanding about the basic factors behind these changes as well as the future paths of development on certain strategic areas.

Students in Bit Bang will produce roadmaps for describing the development and impacts of digitalisation. They work on how computers, mobile phones and the Internet will change our everyday life as well as their impacts within the next 10 years.

Bit Bang is a post-graduate course with lectures, seminars and literature work. Students will form multidisciplinary groups where tight co-operation between members will be essential.

Passing Bit Bang will require active attendance to the lectures and seminars as well as keeping a lecture diary, hourly accounting and writing a part of the joint publication.

Course period9/2008 5/2009
Target groupPost-graduate students of
Size7-10 study credits