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Bit Bang 2 - Energising Innovation, Innovating Energy

The second multidisciplinary Bit Bang post-graduate course aimed for doctoral students of Aalto University will be organised during the academic year 2009 – 2010. Essential learning aims of the course are team working, multidisciplinary collaboration, global perspective, industry and business foresight and scenario building.

The specific learning objectives of this year are innovation and energy. We will have a broad coverage of elements of innovation including creativity, different types of innovation (technological, non-technological, user-driven, social, …), entrepreneurship, innovative organisations, innovation management, and measuring innovation. The energy topic will be covered at general level suitable for students with varying backgrounds the focus being on global and national issues and on the role innovation can play in addressing the challenges. Selected energy related topics will be covered in the group works in more detail.

The course requires active participation to the lectures and discussions, giving presentations on related literature and writing a joint publication. Students will form multidisciplinary groups where tight co-operation between members will be essential. The course includes an intensive study tour to Shanghai.

The course is taught by Professor Yrjö Neuvo and Dr. Sami Ylönen. A significant part of the course comprises working on specific study assignments in teams of about five students, leading to the joint publication. Each team will have an experienced tutor. Distinguished guest lecturers from industry and academia will complement the textbook material.

Course period
9/2009 – 5/2010
Target group
Post graduate students of Aalto University
Responsible teacher
Yrjö Neuvo
Credit points
7-10 study credits
Bit Bang 1 joint publication, Rays to the Future
Bit Bang 2 joint publication, Energising Innovation, Innovating Energy