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Bit Bang 3 - Entrepreneurship and Services

Bit Bang course organized by MIDE research program looks into the future trends on a broader scale. It is a multidisciplinary course for the doctoral students of the Aalto University. The Bit Bang 3 course focuses on entrepreneurship and services; for ex. in such companies which core business is changing from making products to a more service-oriented basis in the future.

The course is taught by Professor Yrjö Neuvo and Dr. Sami Ylönen. A significant part of the course comprises working on specific assignments in teams of about five students, which leads to a joint publication. Each team will have an experienced tutor. Distinguished guest lecturers from industry and academia will complement the course literature. Bit Bang 3 course also includes an intensive study tour abroad.

Course period
09/2010 – 05/2011
Target group
Doctoral students from Aalto University
Responsible teacher
Yrjö Neuvo
Credit points
10 study credits
“What was good was the diversity of the students, quality of the speakers, and constructive nature of discussion.”
“The broader aspect of the course focusing on general aspects of innovation and technology, most of the other PhD courses are too narrow and restrict from thinking about the bigger picture.”
“Getting to know different kinds of people and making a couple of friends has been one of the biggest advantages of this course concerning the benefits in the future.”
-Bit Bang 2 students-
Bit Bang 1 joint publication Rays to the Future
Bit Bang 2 joint publication Energising Innovation, Innovating Energy