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Bit Bang 6 - The Future of Media

Bit Bang is a doctoral course for Aalto University post graduate students. The upcoming sixth course focuses on the Future of Media. The course requires active participation to the lectures, giving presentations on related literature as well as contributing to a joint publication. While encouraging interdisciplinary discussion the course doesn’t require any technical background.

Media industry is going through a biggest revolution since the invention of printing. Digitalization is changing the media landscape in a fundamental manner. Traditional print and broadcasting industries see their distribution channels and revenue generating business models challenged. Digital convergence has changed the media value chain. The Internet and social media have brought new opportunities for players who traditionally have been outside the game.

Bit Bang 6 explores what is happening in media industry and technology, what are key trends and how the players can find sustainable solutions to problems that currently threaten their future prosperity. Equally important are questions associated with new technologies for content creation, content aggregation, distribution and consumption. The course examines also how the on-line distribution environment will change the advertisement business and the management of copyright. Is piracy an inevitable future or can we find new ways to compensate? What is the role of social media in the future?

The course is taught by Professors Erkki Ormala, Department of Management and International Business, and Yrjö Neuvo, Department of Communications and Networking. A significant part of the course comprises working on specific assignments in teams of about six students, which leads to a joint publication. Each team will have an experienced tutor. Distinguished guest lecturers from industry and academia will complement the course literature. In the spring the course will make an intensive study tour to a global hot spot relevant to the course theme.

Course period
09/2013 – 05/2014
Target group
Doctoral students from Aalto University
Responsible teachers
Erkki Ormala and Yrjö Neuvo
Credit points
10 study credits
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