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A transparent loudspeaker and other future electronics coming up at MIDE Demo Day on Nov 15

Aalto Universityís Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy, MIDE, brings all its 11 research projects and 3 student projects under the same roof on November 15th.

The Demo Day starts with a session for invited guests. At 12 a.m. Saha's (Konemiehentie 1, Otaniemi) doors open for the Aalto University staff and other interested parties. The project staff will guide the guests to try out the concrete solutions on their demo stands.

Examples of demos on display

Extremely thin and flexible materials are ideal for the future electronic devices, such as loudspeakers. At the Demo Day the CNB-E project demonstrates how thermo-acoustic nano loudspeakers can be made with a simple printing method. Within the MIDE Research Program the project group has produced thermo-acoustic loudspeakers using free-standing single walled carbon nanotube thin films. A few hundreds of nanometers thick transparent films do not contain any magnetic or moving parts.

At UI-ART projectís demo stand a multitouch table is combined with an architectís visual data system. The demo shows an urban design process, where a map template is combined with data processing on a multitouch table, and using tangible objects as a part of designing. The designed environment is also visualized three-dimensionally.

The HighLight project group demonstrates e.g. why reaching and exceeding 100 percent LED efficiency is possible, and discusses the challenges related to it. Their demo also includes LED samples fabricated for studying heat pumps that function with light. Apart from enabling self-cooling lamps, exceeding the 100 percent efficiency also enables light emitting diode-based cooling solutions. In the future, these silent and compact solid-state refrigerators may even replace the currently used compressor-based refrigerators in many common household appliances.

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MIDE Demo Day
8:30-12:00 session for invited guests
12:00-15:00 open event for everyone
Saha, Konemiehentie 1, Otaniemi, Espoo