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Dissertation: Evaluating Local and Overall Thermal Comfort in Buildings Using Thermal Manikins

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Evaluating local and overall thermal comfort in buildings using thermal manikins
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In this work, methods for the evaluation of thermal comfort were further investigated and developed. This included methods for real-life measurements and for simulations. The work involved human subjects′ experiments and development of a multi-segmental physiological model. The developed model was validated under several conditions and showed a very good predictability of the skin temperature. For real-life and laboratory-based evaluations, the model was then employed in the control system of the thermal manikin ‘THERMINATOR’. This new control for thermal manikins simulates accurately the human thermal presence in space. The thermal manikin was then employed with the new control in the design of a localized floor-heating system. That was carried out in dynamic mode with real-time measurements to find the optimum configuration related to geometry, surface area and temperature. Furthermore, a local comfort model was adapted for the multi-segmental physiological model with a virtual THERMINATOR in CFD simulations.
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Energy technology - HVAC
Ehab Foda, M.Sc. (Tech.)
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09.11.2012 at 12 pm
Aalto University School of Engineering, Otakaari 4, K1, K216, Espoo
Prof. Bjarne W. Olesen, Technical University of Denmark DTU
Prof. Kai Sirén, Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Energy Technology
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Ehab Foda
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