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Deployment on the footbridge between TUAS and T-Talo

ISMO demonstrator is deployed on a footbridge between TUAS and T-Talo buildings of Aalto University during November 2011. In this deployment, a 3-hop WSN, which consists of 9 nodes and a sink node, is placed on the bridge, vibration measurements were collected at a central PC. Collected data is analysed for detecting changes in the structure and an alert is created if the damage index exceeds the threshold. Results are presented to a client application running at a remote location. Details of the system and deployment can be seen at the ISMO Demonstrator page.

Demonstration of SHM algorithms developed in ISMO Project

This video shows SHM algorithms developed in ISMO Project. The video was taken at the MIDE Demo Day held on November 2011. The algorithms demonstrated in the video are used for detecting and localizing damage on a structure within seconds. The algorithms are shown on a model bridge structure built to scale, 420 cm long, 65 cm wide, and 33.5 cm high. Wired high sensitivity digital 1-axis accelerometers (8712A5M1 by Kistler) are used to collect data when ambient vibrations are induced on the bridge using an electrodynamic shaker. First a set of data is collected when the bridge is not damaged, then a small additional mass, which represents the damage, is put on the bridge and data is collected for a second time. The algorithms compare two sets of data, normal and damaged. Finally algorithms detect the change in the structure and localize the damaged part of the structure.