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The Aalto University MIDE (Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy) research programme focused on long-term basic research in the fields of digitalisation and energy technology.

The programme created top-level expertise, strengthened education and increased the competitiveness of Finnish trade and industry. The MIDE programme ran from 2008 to 2013.

The MIDE research programme included 11 separate projects. The research projects were multidisciplinary and one project typically involved several departments. The projects focused on novel ICT and innovations improving energy efficiency.

In addition to research projects, the MIDE programme also included three student projects and a postgraduate course called Bit Bang. The MIDE programme also had visiting professors from international top universities.

Funding for the programme was collected with the help of the Technology for life campaign organized in 2008 to honour the 100-year history of Helsinki University of Technology. The sum raised totalled 20 million. Each MIDE project had its on follow-up group that included representatives from the companies that participated in funding the programme.

By the end of the programme closure, MIDE had resulted in 34 doctoral dissertations, 78 other theses and 438 publications. Several further studies and start-up businesses have been launched based on the results achieved in research projects.

For further information about the program results, please see Multidisciplinary Institue of Digitalisation and Energy 2008-2013 publication.