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Ubiquitous Social Media for Urban Communities

Social media services will step into mobile phones. If designed and implemented correctly, they have a potential to become as popular as text messages. At the same time, social networks, user innovations, and service management will be increasingly important. Prolonged empirical tests with large user bases are necessary.

OtaSizzle will develop an open experimentation environment for testing mobile social media services. It will be a "living lab" for thousands of users in Otaniemi, with extensions in greater Helsinki. The project will create prototype mobile social media service platforms and study them with extensive field tests, coupled with quantitative measurements and qualitative analysis. The outcome will be a "packaged" experimentation environment, "SizzleLab" concept.

OtaSizzle consortium will be coordinated by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT. The new services and the research related to them have been funded by Helsinki University of Technology’s ’Technology for Life’ campaign donations from private companies and communities. In addition to this, Nokia and Elisa have sponsored the project directly by donating for it Nokia N97 smart phones and mobile broadband plans.


Prof. Martti Mäntylä, martti.mantylahiit.fi

Project manager, Dr. Olli Pitkänen, olli.pitkanenhiit.fi


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