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  • Keywords: business, collaboration, computer-medated communication, innovation, virtuality, virtual world
  • Project leader: Anu Sivunen
  • Other researchers: Marko Hakonen, Teemu Surakka, Anssi Tuulenmäki, Sami Ahma-aho, Petra Bosch-Sijtsema, Peitsa Hynninen, Pia Helminen, Olli Pakarinen, Anders Häggman, Aino Nishihama
  • Research unit: Työpsykologian ja johtamisen yksikkö / Tuotantotalouden laitos
  • In cooperation with: Stanford University, USA
  • Active: 2008-01-01 ... 2011-05-31

This research project studies how collaboration and communication in global distributed teams and in fully virtual environments can enhance business and innovation. Here, virtual environments refer to MMORLG -category that is 3D environments, where users can change flexibly their avatars. Dynamics of communication and innovative, value-adding collaboration in fully virtual settings beyond computer game research are yet not studied. This study explores the interfaces between virtual and traditional environments and investigates virtual worlds as centers for collaboration and business. First, a pre-study on geographically distributed innovative collaboration is conducted with conventional e-collaboration tools. Simultaneously, methods for studying MMORLGs are developed. In subsequent two multidisciplinary study rounds the new 3D environments are studied in-depth and in close international collaboration. The results will be reported in prestigious international conferences and journals